On this page I will inform my readers about news  

News : Nov 2015 Please excuse any linguistic mistakes and errors in the presentation of this homepage. I am currently working with an online translation programm which is somewhat limited.

News:  Nov 2015 After a long search I finally found someone who can translate my books. I thank thee Phillip Michael Cowden

Currently, My Book Viking Worlds Book I translated. Which book will follow, I have not yet decided

News: 01 January 2016 

I wish you all a healthy, happy and peaceful new year

News: Pictures from my reading in November 2015 in Essen/Germany.

I read the stories of my Viking World Books. It was a very nice evening.

NEWS:  February 2016

Good news for all the waiting! Probably The book  Viking  Worlds Book I  will be already published in the spring of 2016


News:  April 2016   

The work on the translation goes quickly and perhaps the book will be published rather. I decided that the next step is the novel  THE SAGA OF SIGURD SVENSSON VOLUME 1  to translate

News: August 2016

Unfortunately, the publication of my book is still a little delay. I'm so sorry! 

News: I wish you all a very peaceful and happy new Year 2017

News: It is January in 2017 and i'm waiting every day for the Translation of the Book. The Publication is still delay and I am very sorry!